The initial reason why anyone choose not to cheating was they are pleased with their latest relationships

The initial reason why anyone choose not to cheating was they are pleased with their latest relationships

So you can demand a world purchase on this exhaustive list, brand new psychologists then expected nearly 600 this new volunteers to review the newest 47 reasons and you can speed just how more than likely per is to try to discourage them off cheating by themselves people.

This method greet Apostelou and you may Panayiotou to see which factors tended to go along with her. They found that this new 47 grounds reliably clustered towards 7 communities-otherwise overarching grounds-getting maybe not cheating.

Some one whoever people treated him or her really, just who don’t need certainly to harm their lover, otherwise whom don’t have to exposure damaging its relationship was basically the fresh new very certain that they would not cheating.

The next most important cause is actually one cheating do lead to thoughts out-of shame. People that did not want to sit otherwise live a double-lifestyle, who be ashamed otherwise that they had betrayed the spouse, have been firmly against cheating.

The next most significant cause try a concern about retaliatory unfaithfulness-that cheat you will head the newest spouse to cheating, as well. The latest next reasoning try insufficient provocation or a causing enjoy. These people said they did not cheating, since their partner had not offered her or him bring about, otherwise they hadn’t already been tempted.

The fresh 5th most effective cause was a concern about the newest partner’s effect should the cheater end up being ce, possibly because of personal or spiritual norms prohibiting unfaithfulness.

These two explanations were as well as the simply aspects of which Apostelou and you can Panayiotou receive an intercourse improvement: Female were apt to be than simply boys so you can report not wanting so you can cheat as they were happy with the dating and you may failed to wanted feeling accountable

And last and you can the very least crucial reasoning is actually concern with public stigma, just what one worried their wider personal category otherwise community carry out contemplate him or her.

It’s obvious a large number of the causes are equivalent: The fresh four low-ranked reasons are involved for the reactions regarding anyone else as well as the brand new cheater’s feelings towards reactions out of anyone else. It is stunning your ramifications of sex weren’t alot more common. Such, we possibly may predict that women is much more alarmed by the lover’s reaction by social stigma, but so it did not seem to be the case.

Apostelou and Panayiotou along with claim that “individuals might not have an accurate understanding of the reason why which avoid them regarding cheating,” which, when the real, you will indicate that the first variety of 47 reasons wasn’t done otherwise totally accurate.

The new 7th reason behind maybe not cheat is actually a concern with troubles, for instance the pain of confessing towards companion or perhaps to friends and you can family relations, if you don’t a concern about contracting an intimately sent disease

Still, it is perhaps reassuring to understand that your ex are the very least browsing cheat you if you’re type and you may supporting. And individuals state relationship try difficult.

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